leading exporter and manufacturer of home textile and garments in Pakistan



Lakhani Textile is a supplier for Bed Linens all over the world. We have customers who can place orders from any part of the world. Our high quality Bed Sheets and Comforters have brought in repeated customers and new ones looking for quality products. We offer a huge variety of Bed Linens and Bed in Bags with the latest trends in mind and finest quality.

Our variety of Products includes Bed Sheet sets, Comforters, Bed in a Bag, Kids Bed Sheets and much more.


Bed Sheet Sets

Bed sheets come in all sizes ranging from Twin to queen and King. …



Duvets and comforters

Lakhani Textile specializes in Duvet Covers and comforters with wide assortment …



Bed in a Bag

Bed in a bag has gained popularity over the years because it not only improves…



Lakhani Textile offers a variety of Towels to its customers, in all sizes and colors. These Towels ranging from small hand towels to bath size are available in plain as well as decorative and monogrammed towels. We also offer Bath Robes in various colors and sizes, designed with your needs in mind.

Towels are available in many different sizes and variety of colors and designs. Lakhani Textile offer towels in various sizes ranging from Hand towels to Bath sizes, which are available in solid colors, or striped and also embroidered to give them the formal look. Towels are available in a variety of materials such as Cotton, Jacquard and even Terry which is a fabric that absorbs large amounts of water making it perfect for towels.

Lakhani Textile also offers formal embroidered towels that can be used on various occasions. These embroidered towels are available in various sizes and colors and we only provide the best quality towels.



Lakhani Textile also exports Bathrobes all over the world. Bathrobes are usually …



Garments industry in Pakistan is one of the largest and best in the world with its competitive pricing compared to the rest of the world. Pakistani Garments have been popular in the international market due to their durability, quality and styles. The economical pricing offered by Lakhani Textile due to its skilled yet cheap labor has made it popular option among foreign importers. Lakhani Textile offers its customers a wide selection of apparels that can be customized according to their needs. Whether you are looking for school uniform, Medical Scrubs or Shirts with your corporate Logo, Lakhani Textile provides excellent quality at competitive rates. Lakhani Textile offers in house embroidery and silk screen and the quality of our products is carefully monitored to satisfy our customers all over the world. Our main focus is on quality of our products which we maintain in order to retain satisfied customers and constantly strive to provide with greater and better variety of products in terms of colors, styles and latest trends.



Pakistani Shirts account for one of the biggest exports to countries such as UK, …



Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs are uniforms including shirt and trousers worn by nurses, surgeons …



School Uniforms

Lakhani Textile now offers schools with the opportunity to pick their shirt and pant …



Denim is a specialized fabric product that has gained importance in the past decade due to its increased usage in Jeans, shirts, bed sheets, shower curtains, uniform and much more. It’s a material used for all seasons all over the world. Over the past few years there has been rapid growth in denim industry and that has lead to the expansion of denim capacity in Pakistan. Lakhani Textiles is one of the leading exporters of Denim from Pakistan. With the constant increase in denim export and demand, Lakhani Textile is also expanding its denim supplies all over the world. With excellent denim quality, Pakistan is one of the largest suppliers for denim. Lakhani Textile due to its premium quality and innovative approaches is one of the leading exporters in the market. We at Lakhani Textile not only provide high fashion denim products, we strive to provide high end customers innovative products with premium quality and efficient service.


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