About the Leading Textiles Exporter of Pakistan

Lakhani Textile is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Home Textiles and garments in Pakistan, which is known for its premium quality and excellent customer service. Our State of the art technology, efficient customer service and global approach has made us popular in the global market. Our products are of the finest quality providing value for money with wide range of designs and colors to appeal mass market.

Our products include Bedding products such as Bed Sheets, Comforters and Duvets, Towels, Bathrobes, Shirts, Garments, school uniforms, medical uniforms and much more. We also provide Services such as screen printing and embroidery.


Lakhani Textile offers premium quality home textiles. They live up to their name as leading exporter of home textiles in Pakistan. I am very happy with their products and will continue to work with them in future.


Bradley Pool

New York, NY

Lakhani Textile offers good quality products at great pricing. I was impressed by their service and quality. They definately know how to deal with customers and give them excellent service along with great products. Keep it up!

Bob Mclain

England, UK

We have been doing business with Lakhani Textiles for more than a decade.  What we like best is that we get what we agreed to.  There is no headache of showing us a sample of something else and shipping us something else.  Honesty is business goes a long way.  Thank you.

Rhythm Fabrics

Los Angeles, CA