Pakistan textile companies are largest producers of towels for export

Latest news in textile industry is that Pakistan textile companies are largest producers of towels for export. These towels are of the best quality among global towel market. Pakistan textile industries export different types and sizes of towels to other countries, but the biggest export is that of cotton towels in different sizes and shades.

Towels exported by major textile companies in Pakistan include a wide range of color palette to choose from. They are available in different sizes according to customer preferences. The most popular color for towel export by Pakistan Textile companies is White. It is mainly exported and then bought by hotels and other major establishments which use white towels as their theme color. According to international trade statistics, Pakistan continues to grow its cotton based exports to other countries at faster rate every year. Pakistani towels are among the best available in global market. Pakistani textile companies are known for providing a variety of towels ranging from colored, printed to even embroidered towels.

The market for fancy towels is very big in USA and Pakistan Textile company knows how to cater to its global customers by providing them not only with reasonable pricing, good quality but also wide range of variety from printed, colored, plain to embroidered and embossed towels. Over the years, Pakistan textile exporters have increased their exports and gained more importance in global market.

Textile Manufacturing in Pakistan

As per the August 2003 intelligence report, the textile sector is dominating the other industrial sector. The Government tried a lot to equalize the industrial base by diversifying exports. But still textile Sector occupies 46% of total manufacturing where as Pakistan’s contribution to the textile industry is about 68 percent. The development in textile occurs due to two main reasons. Firstly, because the countries like the EU, U.S.A and Turkey enhanced their import quota and secondly, it has been observed that during the last three years textile sector has invested more than one and half billion dollar on advanced technologies and modernization in textile industries.

The Textile Engineering segment of Pakistan is still in an underdeveloped status. Its resources has not been fully utilized. Mainly it deals with the spares and modernized machines and component for the development of small scale industries.

Most of the Pakistan Textile Industry are like cottage industry and some small and medium and large state of the art units. If you go to the textile sector deeply, you can find nearly 80% smaller workshops, whereas 15% medium engineering division and rest 5% large Engineering Units. You can find the large engineering divisions are in the Public Sector. But at the same time a few small industries suffer from quality control.

It is observed that all over the Pakistan there is nearly 5000 most skilled workers working in not less than 500 units. You will be surprised to know that Pakistan Textile Engineering Industry alone generates an import substitution of about a great amount of one billion US dollars. The worst part is that these Textile Engineering Sector has to struggle a lot due to the issues like taxes on raw material, some alteration in import system and the like.

In the export platform, present Textile Engineering Industry struggles due to the smuggled low quality machinery from the countries like China and Taiwan. They are the cheaper machines. So to overcome that a change in environment is needed.

Due to low quality surface treatments like electroplating, unsightly finishing of welding seams and painting the locally produced product looks very poor against the foreign goods. In addition to that, in order to lower down the cost of producing the local product has to go through a wrong design parameter which in turns lower down the quality of the product in the international market. It, however, leads to integration of under-sized equipment and electronic control panels.

So here all we need is an own material testing facility, but unfortunately we only have a few access to the service. We are still lacking adequate material testing, which again cause poor quality or undue over engineering.

It can be said that to uplift the textile sector or to encourage the local textile production industry some organizations standards should be implemented. The industry should be provided with modern manufacturing processes, practices and productivity improvement as well as quality control.

The enhancement in this sector will help us in increasing the per capita income and the national income at large. It also helps the economy by creating employment. It will generate ample scope for qualified engineers, electronics disciplines and for mechanical.

The textile sector can be revived by implementation of proper training institutions in Lahore. Diploma Level Courses on the pattern should be introduced in Karachi and Faisalabad.

Many industries are still in darkness and do not come into the scenario because they are the local unregistered ones. They do not comply with the labor controlling, revenue collection and other government regulating, and due to that they are still far away from the mainstream Industry. The issue can be avoided by proper interaction among all levels of industries.

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