Lakhani Textile is a supplier for Bed Linens all over the world. We have customers who can place orders from any part of the world. Our high quality Bed Sheets and Comforters have brought in repeated customers and new ones looking for quality products. We offer a huge variety of Bed Linens and Bed in Bags with the latest trends in mind and finest quality.

Our variety of Products includes Bed Sheet sets, Comforters, Bed in a Bag, Kids Bed Sheets and much more.


Bed Sheets

Bed sheets come in all sizes ranging from Twin to queen and King. These bed sheet sets include pillow cover and Bed sheet. The bed sheet itself comes in two forms. It can be a ‘Fitted Bed Sheet’ that comes with elastic on its ends which snugs to the mattress or it can be a ‘Flat Bed Sheet’ which is a flat sheet with four ends. Bed sheets are available in various designs and colors. These designs vary from kids cartoon characters and designs to even floral and contemporary designs for adults.

There are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to Bed Sheets. The quality of bed sheet is often conveyed by the Thread Count which is the number of thread per square inch. High thread count results in softer sheet. However, weave and type of thread used goes hand in hand with the quality of the sheet, therefore sometimes the low thread count sheet may be softer than the high thread count depending on the material used.

Bed Sheet Materials that Lakhani Textile offers range from Cotton, Linen, Silk to polyester. Depending on your needs and budget, Lakhani textile has all the variety to offer to its customers and satisfy them.

Bed In A Bag

Bed in a bag has gained popularity over the years because it not only improves the look of the room, but is also economical than buying separate Bed Sheet set and comforters. Bed in Bags includes Bed Sheet with pillow shams, Bed Skirt and even duvet covers. Lakhani Textile offers Bed in Bag in variety of designs and colors. There are Bed in Bags in solids, florals, modern designs, stripes and plaids, kids and youth designs as well as our specialty embroidered Bed in Bags which are perfect for decoration as well as use.


There are also variety of materials and sizes to choose from. Beds in Bags are available for all sizes such as Twins, Doubles, Queen and king. Lakhani Textile specializes in Bed in Bags that are available in Cotton, Silk, Linen and Polyester in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.



Lakhani Textile also exports Bathrobes all over the world. Bathrobes are usually made from toweling or other absorbent material, available in a selection of sizes. Bathrobes are available in Cotton and silk, and also categorized by their shape of weave such as Flannel or Terry. Flannel is often made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibre, whereas Terry Bathrobes made up of fabric that can absorb large quantity of water which makes them perfect bathrobes used when going swimming and in the winter.

Lakhani Textile offers bathrobes in various colors ranging from the neutral and ever popular White, to brown, black and any other color.


Lakhani Textile offers a variety of Towels to its customers, in all sizes and colors. These Towels ranging from small hand towels to bath size are available in plain as well as decorative and monogrammed towels. We also offer Bath Robes in various colors and sizes, designed with your needs in mind.

Towels are available in many different sizes and variety of colors and designs. Lakhani Textile offer towels in various sizes ranging from Hand towels to Bath sizes, which are available in solid colors, or striped and also embroidered to give them the formal look. Towels are available in a variety of materials such as Cotton, Jacquard and even Terry which is a fabric that absorbs large amounts of water making it perfect for towels.

Lakhani Textile also offers formal embroidered towels that can be used on various occasions. These embroidered towels are available in various sizes and colors and we only provide the best quality towels.


Duvets and Comforters

Lakhani Textile specializes in Duvet Covers and comforters with wide assortment of designs and colors to match our customers’ needs. We have duvets in sizes including King, Queen, Twin and Double. There is a great selection of material to choose from which includes Silk, Cotton, Wool, Polyester and Linen, depending on customer requirements. We also offer variety in filling with options to choose from such as feathers or down. These Duvets can be used on Bed as decoration or even blanket. Duvet Covers are perfect when trying to decorate and change the aesthetics of the room. By putting up a modern Duvet on the Bed, the look of the room can be enhanced. This has led to an increase in demand for Duvet covers in recent years and Lakhani Textile is the best provider in the industry for variety of Duvets.


Lakhani Textile provides Embroidery services to its customers and has been doing so for the last decade. We provide embroidery services for product branding, corporate advertising and uniform adornment. Our customers include Large corporations that order large quantities of embroidered shirts for advertising purposes or distribution among employees and schools that usually get their uniforms embroidered with their logos.

Embroidery is a two step process for Lakhani Textile. The first step comprises of digitizing your supplied logo into machine format. The Second step encompasses the digitized format to be used on embroidery machine to embroider the actual logo on the garment. The price of the embroidery depends on the stitch count of the logos.


Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs are uniforms including shirt and trousers worn by nurses, surgeons, and operating personnel. Available in a variety of color, we are able to provide with quality material that will last long. Keeping the latest trends in mind, Lakhani Textile has medical scrubs available in various designs and colorful patterns to suit the carrying needs of medical personnel. They are designed with customers ease in mind, so that they are easy to launder and cheap to replace.

School Uniforms

Lakhani Textile now offers schools with the opportunity to pick their shirt and pant colors and customize them with their official logo. We specialize in catering to our customers’ needs and wants, and strive to provide them with the best possible service. These school uniforms may be simple colored standardized clothes with just a logo on them, or special picked knitted tops designed with school colors in mind. Boys uniforms mostly comprise of Shirts, Dark trousers and tie, while girls uniforms consist of dress or blouse worn with skirt, that can be customized with special logos.



Pakistani Shirts account for one of the biggest exports to countries such as UK, Canada and USA. Lakhani Textile is proud to be one of the largest exporters of Shirts. Our superior quality and customized services have made us popular among our customers and others looking for such services.
Lakhani Textile has a great selection of shirts to offer to its customers. We supply cotton Shirts as well as knitted T shirts. Our woven Shirts are assured to be of best quality as well as polos and knitted shirts which are favored among all our customers. We offer T Shirts and Active wear, as well as shirts in childrens sizes.


Denim is a specialized fabric product that has gained importance in the past decade due to its increased usage in Jeansshirtsbed sheetsshower curtainsuniform and much more. It’s a material used for all seasons all over the world. Over the past few years there has been rapid growth in denim industry and that has lead to the expansion of denim capacity in PakistanLakhani Textiles is one of the leading exporters of Denim from Pakistan. With the constant increase in denim export and demand, Lakhani Textile is also expanding its denim supplies all over the world. With excellent denim quality, Pakistan is one of the largest suppliers for denimLakhani Textile due to its premium quality and innovative approaches is one of the leading exporters in the market. We at Lakhani Textile not only provide high fashion denimproducts, we strive to provide high end customers innovative products with premium quality and efficient service.


Screen Printing

Lakhani Textile offers Screen Printing as one of the services to its customers. Screen Printing is also a two step process. The first step includes the preparation of a screen for the supplied print. In the Second Step, the screen prepared is used on the screening machine to print the logo or design on the apparel. The price of screen printing mostly depends on the colors used. Lakhani Textile offers competitive pricing with superior quality work to its customers.